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For over 60 years BETE have been manufacturing high quality spray nozzles for almost every industry. BETE nozzles have been deployed in the deepest depths of the ocean, in the freezing cold of the arctic, in the heat of the deep desert and even into space.

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The engineering resources provided in this website are designed to help our existing and prospective customers in their engineering projects. Theses resources will continually be added too and we are always looking for suggestions from our customers as to what they would like to have included.


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Spray nozzles and tank cleaning systems for all industries

For over 60 years BETE have been manufacturing high quality spray nozzles and tank cleaning machines. We manufacture in a wide variety of materials including all grades of stainless steel, tungsten carbide, titanium, tantalum, hastelloy and other temperature resistant metal alloys. In fact we are the only nozzle manufacturer to have our own investment cast foundry. In plastics we make nozzles in PVC, PTFE and other high grade plastics.  We will also produce nozzles in ceramics capable of operating in extreme temperatures and we even make some nozzles from ruby.

Our spray nozzles are used in such a wide variety of applications they can be found in almost every industry. From food processing to metal finishing, from pharmaceutical production to oil & gas extraction, from petrochemicals to paper & pulp BETE supply specialist nozzles vital for key spraying applications. BETE nozzles have been deployed in the deepest depths of the ocean, in the freezing cold of the arctic, in the heat of the deep desert and even into space.

Spray Nozzles UK

For the most comprehensive range of spray nozzles in the UK be sure to come to BETE. Often referred to as “the spray nozzle people”, we know almost everything there is to know about spray nozzles and spray technology.  Whether you work in fire safety or food processing, spray nozzles are a small but important component. We understand that each industry has its own needs and requirements when it comes to spray applications, which is why we produce such a vast array of designs. We’re also aware that the choice can be somewhat overwhelming which is why we offer such in-depth information and advice on the use of each type of spray nozzle we sell.

The uses of our spray nozzles are incredibly diverse. From odour control, to tank cleaning, to coating, cooling and gas conditioning, spray nozzles are used in a surprising number of industries. Take a moment to consider how many different ways a liquid may need to be sprayed across all different industries and it becomes apparent why we have over 30,000 different nozzle design variants. Using only the highest quality materials we will ensure that the nozzle at the end of the spray system will perform exactly as required. As nozzles are the end point of often very expensive fluid delivery systems any poorly manufactured or specified nozzle will render the pump, pipe work and filtering systems irrelevant. With over 60 years of nozzle manufacturing excellence you can rely on BETE to recommend the right nozzle every time.

Industrial Spray Nozzles

When searching for industrial spray nozzles, there are a number of elements to consider. To help you with the nozzle selection process, we’ve helpfully explained the characteristics behind each spray nozzle and what uses they are best suited to. The comprehensive information in this web site is organised by spray pattern type, by application type or by industry. So whatever angle you are approaching your spray engineering problem from useful information on nozzle selection should be easy to find.

We provide our extensive range in over 200 materials, including all grades of stainless steel, titanium, PVC and ceramics just to name a few. So we really do have the most comprehensive selection of spray nozzles in the UK.

Despite the extensive collection of nozzles we stock, however, we recognise that you might have specific needs we haven’t covered, which is why we also offer a custom- designed service to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. With such an excellent reputation for customer care, you can be confident that your spray nozzle will arrive quickly and safely.

Tank Cleaning

Our customers hail from a wide range of industry sectors, looking for solutions for everything from dust prevention to making powdered milk, but one range of products which are always in popular demand are our tank cleaning nozzles and equipment. From simple spray balls to wide angle spirals to rotary flat fan systems to high powered impingement cleaning systems we have a complete product offering for almost any conceivable tank washing requirement. There are many different options available and to get the best results possible it’s really important to establish exactly which product features you require. Take advantage of the tank washing section of our site to help you determine precisely what you’re looking for.

We’ve got industrial nozzles that can deal with the toughest residues, right through to gentler technologies perfect for simple rinse applications. We aim to cover as many industries as possible and we’re always developing our tank washing product line so we’re confident we can provide you with what you need

We are an ISO9001 certified company