Dust suppression

Dust is a common by-product of many industrial processes.  How serious a problem dust is depends upon the process and the nature of the dust.  At one end of the scale production of dust can be merely an unpleasant inconvenience - at the other end of the scale it can pose a severe risk to humans and equipment.  At the more severe end of the scale the reduction of dust contamination is often mandated by regulatory legislation, so effective dust control is a business-critical application.

Nozzle selection

In dust suppression applications a fluid is sprayed to either “capture” dust from the air or to prevent dust from forming by wetting a surface.  The engineering considerations (accessed by the blue menu to right hand side of this page) found in this section of Bete's website aim to arm our customers with enough information to make an informed product selection.  Details on the different nozzles suitable for dust suppression and how their design features relate to the engineering considerations can be found in the grey menu to the right hand side of this page.



Dust Suppression Engineering Considerations:

Dust Suppression Nozzles