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Tank Cleaning Machines and Nozzles

The cleaning of tanks and vessels by spray nozzle systems is a common application. To ensure complete cleaning and omni-directional spray pattern needs to be achieved. The requirement for 360 degree spraying at pressure means that often some sort or relative motion is required resulting in tank washing machines rather than simple nozzles. 

Methods of achieving complete tank cleaning

An omni-directional spray pattern type is achieved in 3 ways :-

1-     A single very wide spray angle full cone nozzle is used to achieve the omni-directional spray.  With some nozzles like the TW1, even back spray can be achieved giving a pattern of greater than 180 degrees.

2-     Multiple nozzles are attached to a manifold and pointed in different directions giving the pattern desired.

3-      Arrays of nozzles are rotated either by external power or by the pressure of fluid being sprayed.  The rotation ensures that the spray pattern over time will be omni-directional.

The rotary nozzles can be further divided into rotating flat fan nozzles and rotating solid stream nozzles or impingement cleaning nozzles, giving four distinct omni-directional nozzle designs in total.  

A complete range of tank washing systems

BETE offer tank washing nozzles and machines from all 4 design types. These are described in their own sub-pages which can be accessed by clicking on the items in the blue menu box to the right hand side of this page.  For a handy comparison of all omni-directional nozzle types please see our omni-directional nozzle cheat sheet which is accessed by the orange button also to the right hand side of this page.

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